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Blanket Cat Game Spotlight Post

About Blanket Cat

Blanket Cat is a game I saw the Twitter account share. I decided to download the game and give it a try. I figured a game about a cat should be interesting.

The game is free to download on But the developer recommends you pay $4 (USD). I downloaded the game for free, so I can write bout it. But the price seems fair if you enjoy visual novels.

Does Not Quite Feel Like Playing a Video Game

I decided to give this game a try to play something different because it looked good, and I want to share more games like this.

But I did not feel like I was playing a video game while playing Blanket Cat.

I don’t play visual novel games often, and playing this game feels like I am watching a YouTube video. But I am in control of what happens.

I have thoughts on the debate on how much of a game a visual novel is. But for now, I will state I view them as games. But it is a weak connection for me.

The Story

The story is pretty simple. The whole thing was cute and maybe wholesome. Don’t expect much tension or action in this story.

I tried two different paths to get to the end. Your choices do matter but only slightly. Blanket Cat is a short game. So I suppose there are only so many options you can add.

I think a longer and more expanded version of this game could be interesting to see. Maybe I should give some visual novel games a try then, after all?

The Art and Music

I enjoyed the artwork. The main character Iggy the cat was very expressive. I enjoyed seeing the different faces they could make, and I think they are cute.

The game has nice music, and it fits the theme of the game well. I tend to like more action orientated tunes. But that would be a bit out of place in a game like this.

The cat Iggy has a bored look on his face.

My Overall Thoughts on the Game

Visual Novels are a tough sell for me. I can appreciate the work that goes into making them. But these types of games would never be my favorites.

I did enjoy the experience of playing Blanket Cat overall. I think it was the cute art that kept me interested.

If you want to learn more about the game and play it yourself, here is a link to the page.