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Game Review Guidelines

How I Play Games for This ComputerGamingFox

I play video games on my personal computer, and it is a prebuilt computer I bought from Newegg. I bought a Corsair pre-built computer. If you curious here my computer specs.

  • OS: Windows 11 Home
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 14700KF
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080
  • Motherboard: MSI PRO Z790-P WIFI
  • Power Supply: CORSAIR 850W 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Power Supply
  • RAM: 32GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 6000. I started with 32 GB and I added an extra 32 GB because… I can.
  • Storage: 2 TB NVMe SSD and an extra 500 GB standard SSD.

I was using Linux Mint, and I planned on writing reviews from a Linux gamer perspective. You will see this in my older content. But I need Windows 11 for college, and it is non-negotiable when it comes to taking exams. I can also play and review a lot more games with Windows 11. So fine. You got me, Microsoft. I will be the same as most people, and I will just use Windows for now.

How Do Long Do I Play Games Before Writing About Them?

How I play games for reviews depends. But I will play games longer if I am enjoying myself. When I play a game to get a first impression or to share about it, I won’t worry too much about how long I play the game.

Parts of an ComputerGamingFox Review

I review computer games based on these key points.

  1. Why did I review this game?
  2. How did I review this game?
  3. Gameplay
  4. Presentation
  5. My thoughts on the value of the game
  6. Overall thoughts
  7. Do I recommend the game?
  8. Will I keep on playing the game?

Why Did I Review This Game and How Did I Review This Game?

In these review sections, I explain why and how I review the current game. I explain what lead me to pick this game to review it. Then I explain how long I played the game for a review and how I played the game. For most games, this will be me buying and downloading the game on Steam.

Sometimes I might combine these sections into one, depending on how much I have to say.


I always start with a summary of how a game works and what it is like to play the game. I will try my best to avoid spoiling anything. But if the game is a story heavy, I will briefly explain what it is about.

I go over how fun I think the game is and other related things. I consider factors such as how good the controls of the game are. As a gamer, I tend to focus how games feel to play compared to how they look or how nice of a story they have. So expect huge paragraphs of text in these sections.

I will factor in any annoyances this game might have if any.

I don’t normally write about online games. But if I do play one, I will explain my thoughts on online connections and communicating with other players.


Presentation is about how good the game looks and sounds. I know these things are subjective. For me, a game doesn’t have to look photo-realistic to look good. The game needs to have an art style that is consistent and looks well. Describing how games look is a weak spot of mine. So don’t expect too much here.

I also rate games based on sound and music quality. I tend to be more critical of music. Many indie (or smaller) games have amazing music soundtracks. So for me to consider a soundtrack to be good, the bar is very high.

My Thoughts on the Value of the Game

Taking about game value is tough, and it is hard to compare game hours to the cost of a game. But I will try my best to explain how I feel after purchasing a game and if I feel happy with my purchase.

I should note most of the games I write about are games I have purchased. But as time goes on, I may start to get and write about games I receive as review copies. If I write about a game provided to me, I will always disclose this so there won’t be any confusion.

If a game has DLC or extra content, I will explain what I think about it and if I feel it is worth spending the extra money to get it.

Overall Thoughts

Here I will explain how I feel about playing a game and my overall thoughts toward the game. I will state how much I liked the game and anything that stood out to me.

I Don’t Give Scores in Reviews

I thought long about this one, and I don’t want to be a traditional reviewer who must score everything. I am not going to give a review score or a number. Any score I give can be debated or disputed. I rather focus on explaining if I like a game and if I recommend playing it.

After all, you can decide how you think about a game. Consider my reviews as input to help you in your thoughts and process.

Do I Recommend the Game?

I explain if I would recommend other people play this game. If I recommend playing a game, I also will explain what kinds of players I think will enjoy the game. If I state people should avoid playing a game, I will do my best to explain why as well.

Will I Keep On Playing the Game?

I put this section last. I think it is the less important part of a review. But I felt it would be fun to share. I explain if this a game I play often. Or if I plan on playing more of the game in the future.

I often only play story-heavy games once and move on. I also don’t tend to play games long if they are outside of my favorite genre of rogue-lite games. So don’t be surprised when I say I won’t be playing games again a lot outside of games that big favorites of mine.