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Why I Play Video Games That Make Me Angry

I have played video games for a long time.

I frequently play video games even if they make me angry or frustrated. I often stop playing them for a while. But I still enjoy playing these games overall.


I will explain why I like playing some games, even if they have frustrating moments. Maybe some readers will relate.

I Love Hard Video Games

I enjoy playing difficult video games. I enjoy the challenge of playing a video game more than the story or exploring the world most of the time.

Most of my favorite Steam games have the difficult tag on them. I did not make a deliberate choice to buy a lot of hard games. But it seems I gravitated to buying them without noticing it.

When I hear somebody say a video game is hard, that sounds like a challenge.

Sometimes I see people say a video game was so hard or frustrating it caused them to quit playing it. Statements like that makes me wonder if I would feel the same way. That makes me want to try the game to find out.

I bought games on Steam because I saw they had a mix of good and bad reviews, and some reviews mentioned the game was too hard.

I enjoy video game achievements more if they are harder to accomplish. Sometimes that makes struggling and becoming frustrated as I do it.

I Am Stubborn

If I feel something is possible, I won’t stop trying to do it. Even this means trying well past the point of having fun.

Often if games have challenge modes or hard bosses, I will do my best to beat them. Even if I already beat the game.

Why am I so stubborn?

I think it is because while playing video games, I hyper-focus. I don’t think about anything else when I am in the zone. I also don’t like admitting defeat or giving up.

I Play Games Better When Angry

I have noticed something interesting.

When I get angry at a video game, I sometimes play the game slightly better. For a while, that is. But eventually, I will be too frustrated to do anything useful anymore.

But for a short while, a bit of frustration and annoyance gets me to pay attention and try harder when playing games.

I Love and Hate Some Video Games

I used to play Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, and a few other multiplayer games. I very much enjoyed playing the games. Even if playing these games made me frustrated or annoyed.

It turns out I can like and be angry at a video game at the same time. I have this weird relationship with some games where I like to play them even if doing so slowly makes me angry or frustrated.

I don’t play most multiplayer video games anymore. So I don’t face these issues much. But I still feel this way about some single player video games.

Sometimes video games I struggle in and lose over and over tend to be my favorite games. That is my odd combination of being stubborn and liking hard games. I still seek out new hard games to play to this day!