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Why I Play Computer Games With a Controller

I sometimes see people online declare they play all computer games with a keyboard and mouse. No matter the type of game they are playing.

I find this sentiment to be very confusing. These people sometimes are so zealous about it. I suppose I should expect that from computer games by now, though.

The controller is my input of choice for almost any computer game. I am going to explain why I feel this way.

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RIG Nacon PRO Compact Controller Review

Note while this post will contain links to Amazon, none of these links are affiliate links. I am not even in the program!

Time for New Inputs!

I may be a computer gamer at heart. But I still love to play most video games with a controller. I will use my keyboard and mouse to play a game if it feels better. But ideally I rather play games with a controller.

I recently decided to buy another controller to use. I have a wired Logitech controller (F310) But I have spent more money than I like to replace broken ones. So I decided to give something else a try.

I figured I give Xbox controller a try. I liked how the older Xbox One controllers felt. So I figured I try one from the current generation. I have no clue if the Xbox X/S is any good. But I sure do like the controllers for these systems!

I am going to review the RIG Nacon PRO Compact Controller and explain what I liked about it.

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Furquest Spotlight Post

Time to Learn About Furquest

Furquest is a game I found out while browsing Twitter in the past. I decided I liked how the game looked and played the demo.

I figured since I liked the demo so much I should write about it.

There are no surprises here. I loved playing Furquest. I want to play the full version right away! I am going to explain what Furquest is and why I like it.

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