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ComputerGamingFox Contact Me Page

How to Send Me Feedback or Ask Questions

Want to contact me about ComputerGamingFox? My main method of contact is my email [email protected]. My name is Eric Farmer and this blog is ComputerGamingFox.

If you are not contacting me about a video game review, anything computer gaming related, or about blogging or writing – I will most likely delete your email and never reply.

Feel Free to Message Me About Games

Want a blog post about your computer game? Feel free to send me details about it.

If you can share screenshots, videos, pictures, or any important information about your game, that will make the process a lot easier. My main platform for playing games is Steam. But I will consider other options.

Asking me or giving me a review copy of a game is not a guarantee that I will write about your game. But I will at least look at what you are sharing and maybe play it and decide if I want to write about it.

I have a strong preference for games that can be described as rogue-lite games. So if your game is one of these and you send me a copy, I will almost 100% play and probably write about it.

Content I Will Write for Game Developers

  • A brief blog post sharing your game and explaining what it is.
  • A game review
  • An interview with a developer

No Guest Posts or Sponsored Content

I don’t accept paid guest posts or paid sponsored content.

No exceptions. That means you!

I might consider accepting a guest post if it is a review of a game or something I think will fit on my website. But most of you spammers don’t even ask about video games or video game content. So yeah I am not holding my breath on any good guest posts proposals.