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ComputerGamingFox Contact Me Page

How to Send Me Feedback or Ask Questions

Want to contact me about ComputerGamingFox? My main method of contact is my email [email protected]. My name is Eric Farmer.

Feel Free to Message Me About Games

Want a blog post about your computer game? Feel free to send me details about it. But there is one important detail to remember.

I am a Linux computer gamer!

If your game doesn’t work in Linux in some way, then I can’t play it. I won’t write content about it. The only thing I might write is a brief post about if it looks good and how I wish you make a version for Linux!

If you can share screenshots, videos, pictures, or any important information about your game, that will make the process a lot easier.

My main platform for playing games is Steam. But I will consider other options as long they work on Linux in some way.

Being given a review copy is not a guarantee that I will write about your game, but (at least right now) it pretty much does get me to at least look at the game and strongly consider writing about it.

I have a strong preference for games that can be described as rogue-lite games. So if your game is one of these and you send me a copy, I will almost 100% play and probably write about it.

Content I Will Write for Game Developers

  • A brief blog post sharing your game and explaining what it is.
  • A game review
  • An interview with a developer

No Guest Posts or Sponsored Content

I don’t accept paid guest posts or paid sponsored content.

Ever. No exceptions.

That means you!

I might consider accepting a guest post if it is a review of a game or something I think will fit on my website. But most people are not asking anything near what I will accept anyway.

My policy is to ignore all emails related to guest posts or promotion/sponsored content. This also includes SEO or marketing emails. Or any of the other weird spam emails people send me.

Easy test. If you are trying to sell me something, I probably don’t want it.

But send the emails anyway, though. They all get sent to spam and deleted.