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There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Review

There Is a Review!

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension starts as a joke about what if a game tries to stop you from playing it.

The game is very story-based and has many puzzles. I am only going to show screenshots of the first area and use it as an example.

If you want to see more of what this game looks like, take a look at the Steam store page. The developer shows examples of multiple areas in the game.

I spoil the solution to the first puzzle with hints. I think that is fair. Because there a lot more to see after that easy puzzle, and you get an idea of how this game works.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
Developer: Draw Me A Pixel
Price: $ 12.99

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Review Information

Why Did I Review This Game?

This game is not a typical game I play. I normally favor more mechanics-based games like Rogue-Lites. I figured this would be an opportunity to write a review of something different.

How Long Have I Been Playing There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension?

I completed the story once. Steam shows I played the game for 7 hours.

howlongtobeat shows five-six hours to complete this game. So considering that I was distracted for a while and I took longer on some puzzles, my time seems reasonable.

How Did I Review the Game?

I bought the game on Steam, and I played that version. I beat the game once.

For the review, I took some screenshots of the first area.

How I Got This Game to Work on Linux

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension does not have a Linux version.

To play the game, I use Proton. Proton is Valve’s version of wine that makes playing Windows games on Linux easier. I did not need to tinker with any settings, and the game runs great.

Gameplay Review

How Does This Game Work?

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is primarily a puzzle game. In each screen you are presented with a goal. You need to figure out what to do to progress.

Often you have to click on things and move objects around. Sometimes you need to combine things.

I guess some people might call this a point and click adventure game?

I always thought that is an odd thing to call a genre of video games. But I guess most people know what that means.

The Game Changes a Lot

I don’t want to spoil anything. So I will be vague.

One of the things I like about the game is how often it changes. Some areas might drag on a bit longer than I like. But things changed often enough that I was having fun.

The game even manages to make going back and redoing an area again with almost the same puzzles fun. It does this by changing things just enough that they feel new.

The puzzles don’t become harder as you progress in the game. But I feel that is fine. Because overall, I would say some of the puzzles are pretty hard.

The Puzzles Are Hard or I Am Stupid

The puzzles in this game are quite hard sometimes. Or maybe I am dumb. Probably a little bit of both things.

To make progress in this game, you have to consider everything. The game likes to put you in situations that at first seem impossible.

Some of these puzzles had me so confused. I am not ashamed to say I needed hints. In a few cases I decided to skip puzzles by just looking at the solution.

The Game Has a Great Hint System

The game has a good hint system. At first it will try to guide you to the solution by giving advice.

It's not like this non-game has a hint system. So there's no reason to clock on that icon below to get a clue. That would be too easy.
Screenshot of There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension game on Steam.

The more hints you ask for, the more specific the advice the game will give you. Eventually the game will directly tell you the solution.

An example of a hint. It is for a puzzle involving scissors.

I like how this works. This system still gives you a chance to solve puzzles. If you are stuck and want to move on, the game will let you.

If you are the type of person who wants to figure everything out on their own, you can always avoid the hints. Hints are optional, and you have to click something to see them.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

Since the game tries to replicate different game genres, it changes looks somewhat often. But overall, I think the game looks good despite not being consistent.

The game is very playful with its animations, and they look and feel very interactive.

A sign with there is no game! on it.

How the Game Sounds

The main thing you hear on most levels is a voice talking to you. This voice can be quite annoying sometimes. But I feel that was intentional, and it is in character.

The music and sounds are good enough. I enjoyed some of the songs in the game for being very silly and unique.

My Thoughts on the Value of the Game

Is There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Worth Buying?

I think the game is worth the cost.

Some people might debate if such a short game is worth $13 (USD). I think the experience is fun enough that earns that price point.

If a game is fun and enjoyable, it doesn’t have to be long. If the game was any longer, it might have went on for too long.

Do I Recommend Buying DLC and Other Content?

You can buy the game soundtrack for $5 (USD).

I thought the soundtrack was quirky and fun, but I don’t see this being something I would want to purchase. I like that it is an option, though.

My Overall Thoughts on There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension manages to stretch the joke of “This is not a game. Please stop playing” into a full adventure.

I thought some of the puzzles were confusing, and some areas were longer than I would have liked. But overall, I enjoyed this game. I am happy I played it and saw the end credits.

Because of There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, I will consider playing more puzzle games like it. Maybe I should not be so quick to skip over games because I don’t normally play them?

Do I Recommend People Play There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension?

If you like slower puzzle games and don’t mind some odd and quirky humor, then yes. Just don’t expect a game to play for many hours. The whole game will take less than ten hours to beat.

The first time you play this game will be the best experience. While any game can be fun to play many times, I think knowing the answers to puzzles will make the game less fun.

There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015 is free on Steam. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension expands on this game and adds a lot more.

I would consider the game jam version to be a demo of Wrong Dimension. Some of the puzzles and areas are similar. But the game jam version is about as long as the early part of Wrong Dimension.

There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015
There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015
Developer: Draw Me A Pixel
Price: 0

Will I Keep Playing There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

I may go back and play the whole game in the future. I probably will forget so much it will feel somewhat new again.

But I don’t plan on playing the game again anytime soon. I feel this is a game that is fun to play once and move on.