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Furcifer’s Fungeon Game Spotlight Post

A Game I Saw on Twitter

Furcifer’s Fungeon is a game I saw on Twitter. I thought it looked interesting, so I clicked on the tweet to learn more. I went to the webpage, and the game started loading. So I figured I might as well give the game a try.

I played the game over two sessions, and I enjoyed myself. I am going to explain what I thought about this demo.

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There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Review

There Is a Review!

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension starts as a joke about what if a game tries to stop you from playing it.

The game is very story-based and has many puzzles. I am only going to show screenshots of the first area and use it as an example.

If you want to see more of what this game looks like, take a look at the Steam store page. The developer shows examples of multiple areas in the game.

I spoil the solution to the first puzzle with hints. I think that is fair. Because there a lot more to see after that easy puzzle, and you get an idea of how this game works.

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