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Noita Review

Noita Review Information

Why Did I Review This Game?

I have owned the game for a while. Despite not being good enough to win the game, I have had a lot of fun playing it. I want to share my thoughts on it.

Developer: Nolla Games
Price: $ 19.99
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How Long Have I Been Playing Noita?

I played the game for about 17 hours. Noita is not a game I have played for very long.

How Did I Review the Game?

I own the game on Steam, and I bought the game. I played the game for a day to confirm what I remember about playing it in the past.

How I Got This Game to Work on Linux

Noita does not have a Linux version. So to play the game, I need to use Proton. I configured Proton and waited for some extra files to download.

Noita is the kind of game that plays well with a mouse and keyboard. So I did not have to worry about configuring a controller.

The process to get the game to work was so easy the Noita might as well be a Linux native game.

The Noita title screen. You see the mountain from the start of the game.
Screenshot of the Steam version of Noita.

Gameplay Review

How Does This Game Work?

Noita is a 2D game with a lot of emphasis on exploring and fighting things.

You play as a mage guy. You go around blasting things with wands, and you can kick things. You can hover in the air and float around for a few seconds.

The goal of most levels is to get to the bottom and move on to the next without dying. There are many obstacles and enemies to avoid.

Mythology in the Game and the Lore

Noita has a lot of backstory and lore in it. The developers hid the lore in the game, and you can find it if you know what to look for.

I think that is cool and neat. But I am going, to be honest. I don’t really care too much about any of that.

I was so busy trying not to game over that I would not have the time to look around for hidden lore clues. I guess I am just the type of person who focuses on playing the game above all else.

Noita Is an Active and Fast-Paced Game

Right away, I noticed how fast things happen in this game. The levels are alive, and things will constantly be interacting with each other. Sometimes it feels like the objects and things in the levels are out to get you!

The game’s enemies also get caught in the chaos, and they are just as vulnerable to everything as you are.

The final thing that makes the game so fast-paced is your character not having invincibility frames.

Often in Rogue-Lite games, when you take damage, the game gives you a few seconds to recover before you can be hurt again. Not in Noita!

You can go from having full health to being dead in seconds. Because of the fast damage, you have to be ultra careful and treat almost everything like it is very dangerous.

An explosion happened after some dynamite went off.
Screenshot of the Steam version of Noita.

Overall I like the pacing of the game. I had to learn to slow down and play this game at a different pace.

Despite being hard, the game is not very long. Sometimes I get to the bottom of levels in a few minutes.

The Wands Are Very Fun Weapons

When I started to play the game, I didn’t understand how the wand weapons worked. I thought they seemed weak, and I never found anything good.

Well, it turns out you can take the spells from wands and add them to other wands. You can use what you have to try to make the perfect weapon.

I wish the game explained wand customization more. I had to do some wiki research or understand how this works.

Wands have slots, and you fill all of these slots up with spells and effects. All weapons in the game are random, and it is up to you to create better ones using the spells and wands you find.

I like this system a lot, and I wish other games would have something similar. You didn’t have to rely on finding an epic or rare weapon to feel strong. You can make one yourself.

A blue Noita wand. I got it at the start of the game.
Screenshot of the Steam version of Noita.

The Game Is Difficult

Noita is one of the hardest Rogue-Lite games I have played.

It took me many attempts at playing the game before I could get past the first three levels. There is so much going on in levels you can quickly become overwhelmed.

I am not sure I have the patience to play this game enough to best it. I am going to try anyway, I suppose.

I lost playing Noita. I got set on fire.
Screenshot of the Steam version of Noita.

The Game Has Amazing Material Physics

There are many fluids with potion-like effects. Jumping into them affects you, and they also do things to enemies. You can also collect and pour out things like dirt and sand.

You interact with the environment just as much as the enemies in the game. The whole place feels like it is alive sometimes. Learning how liquids and powders work in this game alone takes some time.

Often fires get started because of beer. Once, the whole bottom of a level was on fire.

I am pouring some water out of a potion bottle.
Screenshot of the Steam version of Noita.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

I like the art style in the game. The spell effects and particles look good. Everything moves fast, so the simpler art style works well.

The developers added elements of Finnish mythology to the game. I don’t know any of that. But what I saw looks very interesting.

How the Game Sounds

The sounds in the game are nice.

The music in the game is interesting. Most of the time, you only hear ambiance and the sounds of things that happen in the level around you.

The music tracks only pick up and start playing when certain things happen. Things are quiet most of the time. Then you hear music when you start to panic.

I don’t have too much say about the music. It sounds nice enough.

My Thoughts on the Value of the Game

Is Noita Worth Buying?

I checked the price of the game while writing this review. The game cost $20 (USD).

This price is a bit high for a game like this. The game is enjoyable. But it takes some time to get used to how it feels to play Noita.

According to IsThereAnyDeal, the game has gone on sale in the past. But on GOG instead of Steam. You could always wait for a sale and buy the game then.

Do I Recommend Buying DLC and Other Content?

The only DLC is the soundtrack for the game. I like to buy soundtracks for video games. But I just did not like this soundtrack enough to want to listen to it often.

Also, the soundtrack is $10 (USD). If I was going to pay that kind of money, I rather purchase on a platform like Bandcamp.

My Overall Thoughts on Noita

I enjoyed playing Noita. Despite how hard the game is and the fact that I lose about every ten minutes playing it.

Do I Recommend People Play Noita?

If you want to play a rogue-lite game that is a bit different, this is one to try. The game is harder than most I have played in the past, though, so keep that in mind. The game is so exciting and fast-paced.

Will I Keep Playing Noita

I want to beat this game someday, so I play it occasionally. When I play the game, I often play it many times since I keep losing.