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Logitech F310 Controller Review

Note while this post will contain links to Amazon, none of these links are affiliate links.

A Controller for Computer Games

I bought a Logitech F310 controller to use while playing computer games. When I first got into computer gaming, I wanted a video game controller but something cheaper than an Xbox controller. So I bought this. I don’t use this controller anymore as my primary device. But I still own one, and I possibly repurchase it.

I recently bought a GameSir T4 Kaleid controller for $41. I will write about this device in the future as it right now what I consider my main controller.

In this review I am gong to explain my thoughts on the Logitech F310 controller and if I think it works well.

Information About the Logitech F310

  • This is a wired USB controller, which uses the standard USB plug many devices use.
  • The Logitech F310 has the same buttons on Xbox and PlayStation controllers. The controller can work as a replacement for these controllers.
  • The controller supports XInput and DirectInput settings.
  • Modern games will support XInput, but a few older games may only work with DirectInput. So, having both settings is great.
  • The controller has a button to switch between using the directional pad and the joystick as the primary input method.
The controller has a green A button, A red B button, a blue X button, and a yellow Y button.

How Did I Use a Logitech F310 Gamepad?

Steam is where I buy most of my digital computer games. I bought this controller for the first Steam games I purchased. Before I built my first custom desktop, I mostly played games on an Xbox 360. Most of the first games I bought on Steam were ports of Xbox 360 games.

The controller, of course, works with other games found elsewhere. But like most people (I think), I mostly play games on Steam.

I play some computer games with a mouse and keyboard, but I tend to favor games that work best with a controller. It is my favorite input method.

The back of the controller has a toggle with X and D for changing input.

What I Liked About the Logitech F310 Controller

The controller is much cheaper than official brand controllers, but it still feels nice. The list price for an Xbox One controller on Amazon is $65. A PlayStation 5 controller was $75 (so expensive!).

The Logitech F310 has a list price of $25. Considerably cheaper than both options.

There might be other third-party controller options that are cheaper. But I am hesitant to try any. As I want to ensure what I buy works on Windows and won’t have any issues.

  • The controller works by just plugging it in. I did not set up anything.
  • The controller works in almost every game I tried with practically no issues.
  • The button layout is familiar and works great.
  • I prefer that the joysticks are both symmetrical at the bottom. This layout feels nicer to me.

What I Do Not Like About the Logitech F310 Controller

The fact that the controller is wired means I must always leave it plugged in. Logitech also has a wireless F710 controller. This controller has separate issues, but it is more convenient.

Since buying this controller, I have purchased over five of them. They always end up breaking somehow. The buttons become stiff and refuse to move, or they stop responding.

I take all the credit for being dumb enough to keep breaking controllers. But I wanted to point out that, from frequent use, these things don’t last long. At least for me anyway. Thankfully, they are cheap.

Controller Comparisons

Compared to the Xbox 360 Controller

I never liked the original Xbox 360 controller. The directional pad was annoying to use. However, the Xbox 360 was the last video game system I owned, and I enjoyed playing it a lot.

I would not use this controller over the Logitech F310. It is cheaper, though, if that is something you care about. At least random 3rd party controllers are more affordable anyway.

Compared to the Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller was a vast improvement over the Xbox 360 controller.

Input-wise, this controller is the same as the Logitech F310. Your preferences will decide what controller you like better. I like the symmetry the Logitech F310 has better. I always disliked how, with Xbox controllers, the left stick is higher.

I currently am using a third-party Xbox One controller. I have no plans to buy any official controllers due to the price.

Compared to the PlayStation Controllers

I borrowed a PlayStation 4 controller from my friend. I liked how the controller felt a lot. This controller has about the same button layout as the Logitech F310. But of course, the buttons are different. There is also the touchpad thingy in the center of the controller.

While I liked this controller, I gave it back to my friend. I liked the Logitech F310 slightly more than this controller.

I can’t comment on how the PlayStation 5 controller feels, as I have never used it. I would like to try one, but I don’t want to buy one.

Compared to the Steam Controller

I borrowed a Steam Controller from my friend (same friendly, actually), and I wouldn’t say I liked it. I did not like how any of the buttons felt. The controller felt strange to hold and use. I promptly returned it to my friend, and I said no thanks.

Some people love these controllers, but I like a more traditional controller like the Logitech F310.

Compared to the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller

These controllers are the same thing. Except the F710 is wireless and uses batteries. The F710 costs more money as well.

Overall Thoughts on the Logitech F310 Controller

This controller played a massive part in getting me to accept computer games and buy more of them. Overall, I love this controller, and other than breaking it often due to misuse, I have nothing wrong to say about it.

You won’t get flashy or the more advanced features of a more expensive Xbox One controller and other third-party controllers. But if you like me and just want to tap buttons and play computer games cheaply, the Logitech F310 gets the job done.

Do I Recommend the Logitech F310 Controller?

I recommend this controller if you currently do not have any controllers. However, if you already own a PlayStation or Xbox controller, those are both valid options.

Remember, one fun thing about computers is that you can use any input method you want. So there are many other options to consider.