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Lavender Fields Forever Review

Time to Grow Some Plants

Lavender Fields Forever is a short game I played recently on I was going to write a spotlight post for the game. But I played the game for quite a while, and I have enough thoughts for a whole review

Lavender Fields Forever Review Information

Why Did I Review This Game?

I was somewhat having fun playing the game, and I wanted to write what I thought about it.

How Did I Review the Game?

I was having fun playing the game, and I wanted to write what I thought about it.

How I Got This Game to Work on Linux

I ran the game with the Itch client. I did not need to do anything to play this game on Linux.

Gameplay Review

How Does This Game Work?

The goal of the game is to plant lavender and harvest it. This game is quite simple. As you progress, you upgrade things and get animal friends to make the proles easier.

Every night you are attacked by gnomes, and you must fend them off by shooting them.

Some lavender plants in the game.
Screenshot of Lavender Fields Forever game.

I Found Myself Enjoying the Game

I normally don’t play games like this. I say this often, but I am pretty narrow in what games I buy.

But I found myself somewhat enjoying the game. I liked seeing what the different animal helpers do and deciding how much of each to get.

When you have enough animal friends, you don’t even need to do anything anymore. The game becomes automated.

But before that point, the game was somewhat slow-paced. I often wished I could do just about anything faster. It felt like the game made me suffer before I got enough animal friends for things to speed up.

I get that you want some progression in a game like this. But maybe not this slow.

The gnomes were somewhat fun early in the game. But they quickly became overwhelming and annoying. It would have been nice if there was more than one animal that helped you defend things.

Things That Could Be Added to the Game

If the developer were to go back and add things to this game, here are some things I think would be nice to see.

  • More weapons or weapon upgrades.
  • More animal friends and upgrades.
  • A more clear end goal for the game.
  • A better and more satisfying ending.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

The game looked nice. It was fun to see the animal friends going about and doing their stuff. The animations were sometimes a bit funny.

Overall the game looked nice enough.

A late game screenshot. There are walls, sentry moles and a lot of animal critters running around working.
Screenshot of Lavender Fields Forever game.

How the Game Sounds

I liked the music in the game. I don’t like relaxing music like this anymore. But I felt it fit the theme of the game well.

The only change I would make is to have a separate tune to play when the gnomes attack you.

Was Lander Fields Forever Worth the Time to Play?

I don’t regret playing the game. But the main drive to play it was to make something for my blog. I suppose I would say that alone is a good use of my time.

My Overall Thoughts on Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender Fields Forever was fun, and I enjoyed it. But I wish the game had more things in it. I also wish the game had a better ending. The ending of the game feels anticlimactic and weak.

I get that this is a game jam game. But I have seen shorter games end at least somewhat interesting notes.

Do I Recommend People Play Lander Fields?

It is a fun short game about growing plants and shooting gnomes. If that sounds remotely interesting, give the game a try. The whole thing took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to beat.

Will I Keep Playing Lander Fields?

Lavender Fields Forever is the kind of game I play once and move on. So no.